Chef DC Williams of HSC LLC, proudly introduces, with great pleasure to the market ... 

the Hot, the Spicy and the Cool spices with an added bonus the Rub.


The Spicy, The Cool and the Rub     $25.00

  **Shipping is included in the price. Delivery time is 3-5 business days after order is fulfilled. 


Celebrity Chef DC Williams has by popular demand and with great anticipation released to the public his blends of Cajun seasonings he has been using for years. Under Hot Spicy Cool LLC, Chef Williams has released to the world the various blends of spices to deliver a Mardi Gras flavor of spices to your food. Introducing the 3 pack HSC spices: the Spicy, The Cool and the bonus Rub in this set. The Hot spice is coming soon.  

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HSC Seasonings are Individually sold at $6.00 a unit


The Hot seasoning is excellent for adding a kick to seafood, soups and gumbo. 

The Spicy seasoning is excellent for All Purpose Seasoning. 


The Cool seasoning is excellent for salads, fruits, veggies, fish and poultry. 


The Rub is excellent for all meats. 

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